Parga Castle Explore Parga PARGA CASTLE Visit Parga attractions and combine your holiday with exploring!

Museum of the Olive Tasting

Do not forget to visit the Museum of the Olive Tasting. The mill is designed in such way (ground and loft) to convey to visitors the basic knowledge for processing and the production of olive oil.

The museum operates during the tourist season daily, except Sundays, from 10.30 am until 10.30 in the evening.

Oracle of Acheron

Within walking distance from Parga, just fifteen kilometers, is the most important necromancy of antiquity, the Oracle of Acheron. Here the ancients placed the gates of the underworld, ie entering the kingdom of Hades. According to legend, the bearer Hermes through the waters of Lake Acherousian lead the souls to Hades.

The area is the Oracle is easily accessible via the existing road network.

Ecclesiastical Museum

Visit the church museum, and admire its rich collection of relics which among others includes two Gospels of the 17th century and priceless religious icons such as Maria’s Vlahernas, Panagiopoula’s and Panagia’s Odigitria’s. There are also two duplicates of Epitaph of a monk of Mount Athos dating around 1600. The Ecclesiastical Museum hosts the 300 year old flag of Parga, where you can see the marks from the bullets of the Turks.

Panagia island

Swim to the island of Panagia, a lush island that lies in front of the pier of the port of Parga. You may visit the French fort built in 1808. Such a small island with a large magic!

Paxos and Antipaxos

When you find yourself in beautiful Parga, it takes a boat ride to reach Paxos (12 nautical miles), described as Benjamin of the Ionian Islands. Turquoise waters, unique fjord with sea caves, beautiful beaches and picturesque villages convert Paxos in a unique destination. The capital of Paxos is Gaios, protected naturally from two islands Panagia and Agios Nikolaos.

Paxos is dominated by olive groves and Grape vineyards from which they produce the famous black, mellow wine. Antipaxos feature exotic beaches, Vrika and Voutoumi, with white sand and turquoise waters. Two islands that with their the physical and not just beauty, you will never forget!